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About Us

Service Days:

We work Monday through Friday. We are one of the only companies that allow you select your day to have your lawn service done. Once we are into the full growing season, our crews will strive to arrive at approximately the same time each week. Numerous factors can affect our schedule, therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific time of day for each service. Please do not water your lawn the day before, or the day you are scheduled, as this may contribute to difficult mowing conditions, and prevent a quality mowing.


For monthly lawn maintenance, invoices will be sent out for the month no later than the 30th of that month. Payments will be due by the date stated on the invoice. Payments received later than that date will be subject to a $5.00 late fee to be assessed on the next invoice. If a client is more than 30 days late with payment, another $5.00 late fee will be added, and service will be suspended until payment is received. If payment has not been received by the due date and we receive no communication regarding whether you would like to continue service for the month following the month of the due date, service will be suspended until we hear from you, and you will still be charged for that service. We must know ahead of time whether or not to come the following month.

Yard Access:

Your gate must remain unlocked for the full day of your regularly scheduled service. If you prefer not to unlock your gate, we would recommend that you use a combination lock and that you provide us with the password or combination. We are unable to send our crews back or issue any credit for not mowing inside a locked fenced area.

 Rain/Weather Delays:

We do mow in light rain or after the rain lightens up. Should you think that it is too wet to mow, please contact us to skip service that day. If we have determined that the conditions are too wet to allow a proper mowing, then you can expect us to service your property later that day if the rain subsidesor the following day.


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